Trade In Your Old Cellphone

You can only commerce in your old cellphone through Google Store in Canada, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

You can trade in your old phone for credit score from the Google Store.

Learn extra about the Google Fi trade-in program.

Important: Your trade-in estimate is valid for 30 days from the day your new cellphone is delivered.

You can send your trade-in gadget at any time. However, in case your device arrives greater than 30 days after your new system was delivered, it is assessed at current market value as an alternative of your original quoted estimate. The current market value is set by the trade-in terms and situations.

Need extra help to search out your trade-in status? To check the status of your trade-in, select Trade-in particulars from your order history.Step 1: Review your trade-in options
Choose a new phone If you choose to trade in your old cellphone, you might get a refund if you buy a brand new phone.


1. On the Google Store, choose a Pixel cellphone.
2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
three. While you select your new device’s options, underneath “Have a telephone to trade in?” select Get Estimate.
4. Add details in regards to the phone to trade in. * If you do not discover your phone on the record, it’s not eligible for trade in.
* You’ll see the estimated worth for your trade-in telephone after you choose producer, mannequin, measurement (if applicable), and fill out the questionnaire.
* The estimate is legitimate for 30 days from if you obtain your new phone.

5. To add your trade-in system, choose Add trade-in.
6. To add the brand new phone to your cart, choose Add to cart.
7. To complete your order and prepare to trade in your system, select Check out.

Tip: After you start your trade-in course of, you’ll get a affirmation e mail. To send your old cellphone to us, we’ll send you a kit with a prepaid envelope.

Step 2: Send us your old telephone
After you receive your new cellphone, flip in your old gadget inside 30 days to ensure the preliminary trade-in quote does not expire.

* Your trade-in transaction expires on the finish of 6 months from the date of purchase of your new Google device.
* Don’t ship your system after the expiration of your trade-in transaction.

Prepare your system for maximum trade-in value * Before you ship your old telephone to us, you could want to transfer data from your old telephone to your new one. Learn extra about how to set up your Pixel cellphone.
* Remove activation locks.
* Factory reset the system through “Settings” by following the manufacturer’s directions. * Don’t reset through the Recovery menu.

* Answer the preliminary trade-in questions accurately. * The initial quote is based on the information that you simply offered, but the ultimate worth is based on what is noticed during inspection. Any variations might negatively or positively impression gadget value.


* You can still trade in devices that fail the inspections. But you may be provided a decrease refund worth that displays the device’s current situation.
* Don’t ship in devices with damaged or swollen batteries. These won’t receive any credit and can’t be returned.
* The trade-in worth shall be lowered in comparison with the unique quote if: * Your system has an activation lock.
* You didn’t factory reset it earlier than you traded it in.

* Before you ship your system, be sure that activation locks are eliminated and the gadget is factory reset.
* If you financed the phone you’re trading in, you will continue to be responsible for those funds even after you traded in your telephone.

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(Optional) Make a plan for warranty coverage * All producer warranties are void in your trade-in gadget.
* If your trade-in system has Preferred Care 2-year coverage from the Google Store, you’ll get a prorated refund.
* Before you commerce in your phone, we advocate that you simply cancel all warranties from different suppliers.

To ship your trade-in system, use the prepaid trade-in kit we despatched you:

1. Remove the SIM card and memory playing cards (if applicable) out of your old device.
2. Power off the telephone.
3. Put the cellphone in the prepaid envelope from the trade-in kit.
4. Attach the delivery label.
5. Ship the phone to us via USPS.

Step 3: Get credit score on your trade-in
When we receive the phone, we’ll evaluate it inside four enterprise days.

* If the trade-in gadget’s worth matches the estimate: If you buy a Pixel, we’ll credit the Post-Inspection Value (PIV) to the type of cost used for your phone buy. * If the trade-in refund exceeds the value of your new Pixel phone, the surplus amount might be offered as Store Credit.

* If the trade-in device’s worth is lower: If you selected to just accept a change in worth, we’ll credit score you the PIV. Otherwise, we’ll return your device.

The estimate you get relies on the gadget specs and condition you chose when you placed your trade-in order. We’ll do a full valuation when we obtain your trade-in device.

How and when will you obtain your refund? Make positive that you simply get the Store e mail affirmation for the refund. If you didn’t get an e mail, contact our assist group.

For bank card refund:

If you get the affirmation e mail within the last 10–14 enterprise days and a refund didn’t show up in your account, contact our help team. Refunds may take up to 14 enterprise days to be utilized to your card.

For Google Store financing:

You’ll get the refund for the trade-in value in your financing balance, which lowers your month-to-month funds.

Tip: If you chose the Verizon system payment choice, we’ll deduct the worth from the complete retail worth of your new cellphone. Learn what’s checked during inspection * Does the gadget power on?
* Does the facility button operate correctly?
* Are all activation locks turned off?
* Is the system manufacturing unit reset?
* Is the screen with out cracks, breaks, and lacking pieces?
* Does the touchscreen work on the entire floor of the phone?
* Is the display screen with none bruising and missing pixels?
* Does the LCD LED Backlight work correctly?
* Is the gadget without breaks or cracks within the housing, keypad, hinge, or battery door?
* Does the system have a swollen battery? * A system with a swollen battery will not receive any credit and cannot be returned.

Devices will fail LCD inspection if they have any of the following:

* Cracked display screen
* Damaged display
* Burn-in
* Bruising (may appear as lifeless pixels or spots of discoloration)
* Pixelation
* Delamination
* Unresponsive screen

Devices will fail housing inspection if they have any of the following:

* Major case crack
* Minor case crack
* Major scratch
* Broken digital camera
* Broken button or key
* Broken energy button
* Swollen battery
* Missing battery
* Broken battery door
* Bent case

Understand trade-in worth evaluation Your trade-in worth may be affected by these causes:

* Phone doesn’t activate or off: The phone doesn’t turn on, turn off, or there’s an issue with the charger.
* Damaged display: The display screen is cracked, damaged, bruised, lacking pixels, or the LCD is dark or burnt out.
* Touch display screen doesn’t work: The contact screen isn’t responsive.
* Swollen battery: Don’t ship gadgets with damaged or swollen batteries. These devices won’t obtain any credit and can’t be returned.
* Phone isn’t manufacturing unit reset: The phone’s activation lock continues to be on.
* Incorrectly reported cellphone model: The phone mannequin we obtained is different from the one you chose.
* Phone shipped more than 30 days after the brand new cellphone was delivered.
* Phone reported lost or stolen.
* Received package was empty or had miscellaneous gadgets.

Step four: Check the status of your trade-in
To check the standing of your trade-in, select Trade-in details out of your order history.

Trade-ins with Pixel Pass
When you join Pixel Pass, you’ll get a trade-in worth estimate for your telephone. You can select to keep your prior cellphone or trade in your cellphone whenever you upgrade to scale back your monthly Pixel Pass bill going forward. Learn more about Pixel Pass subscriptions.

* If your gadget is traded in before your first billing cycle: The estimated trade-in worth is unfold over the following 24 months of your Pixel Pass subscription, decreasing your monthly invoice.
* If your gadget is traded in after your first billing cycle: The estimated trade-in worth reduces your complete variety of monthly Pixel Pass payments.

After 24 month-to-month Pixel Pass payments, you absolutely personal your telephone. At that time, you determine if you need to stay subscribed and obtain a new Pixel telephone as an improve.

(Optional) Cancel trade-in
* If you do not wish to process your trade-in, dispose of the shipping equipment.
* If you sent your system already, you’ll be able to’t cancel the trade in.
* If you come the telephone you got together with your trade-in, you will get the trade-in worth as a Google Store credit in your account.

Trade In Your Old Cellphone
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